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Fashion's bonkers...for an old't it?
The oldest emerging Designer in the Land.
The oldest emerging Designer in the Land.


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The oldest emerging Designer in the Land.


So.....this time last week I was on tenterhooks ....waiting to find out if I had won the Eco Entrepreneur of the year category at the Great British Entrepreneur of the year Awards. ... was a ‘Gala’ event ....I was escorted by my beautiful niece Becky ....our journey to London the day before had been an ordeal and a half ....I felt like Sherpa Tenzing   .....11hrs......11 chuffing hours. 2014, me and my family were lucky enough to go to Brasil for the World Cup...our journey from Rome to Rio was quicker ..anyhoo. ...I digress.
I was pipped to the post by a ground breaking may be potentially  world I understand it, it’s paving slabs that generate electricity. ....absolutely chuffing amazing.
  ...but...... can’t wear it Ladies!!!!!
...just saying

Fashion's bonkers...for an old't it?

So...learning curve.... the Internet is dead important!!!!....
....last Tuesday I was in London, at the Lancaster London, for the Great British  Entrepreneur of the year Awards, having been shortlisted for the Eco Entrepreneur of the not to be sniffed at!...
I didn’t win...... having practiced my ‘oh, I’m so pleased you won and I didn’t’ face for several turned out I was seated far enough away from the winner, that I didn’t need to  hide my disappointment. ..”oh for crying out loud...not again! Why is it never me???“.....clap,clap,clap....
But if nothing else I realised I’ve been nominated  for 2 prestigious awards  (Observer Ethical Awards and Great British Entrepreneur of the year )..oh...and the Herald Express Enterprise awards ....all business Awards. .......I am the least businessy person ever...and need to get more businessy....
...therefore I am taking on the challenge...this time next year, I intend to be......
......... the all new Hilary ‘Bastard’ Devay ...this is going to be a long journey.... .....I prefer to sew than have an ‘online  presence’...I’m a slow burner... but bare/bear with

I am unable to be chronological in my postings.... my brain doesn’t work like that.
Thank you for listening. 

The oldest emerging Designer in the Land.


Chapter 2; Sliding Doors- everything else to the present day but, more concise. 

...after my 15 minutes of fame, and the feedback that came with it, I decided that i would focus on setting up Getclobbered. An accidental meeting with a girl named Sue, who had just undergone a double mastectomy, got chatting about my work, and to cut a long story short, I ended up working with post-mastectomy Ladies, creating large bespoke pieces with detachable fringing. This led to us organizing a Charity Fashion show...

... where I met Emma Carter, who asked me to put on a Fashion Extravaganza at Agatha Christies Greenway, for an English Eccentrics event. It was here that I first met the lovely Tony and Beatrice Porter, two of the founders of BIBA and London Fashion Week, who, suggested I might like to become Artist-in-Residence for the National Trust at Highcross House, Dartington, which I did... Highcross House I  was allowed to host several Fashion events in the House and Gardens and met a girl called Lotte who taught me how to tweet!  Eventually the many hours of celebrity pestering, posting photos, and making pointless comments (much as I'm doing now, hopefully I will get better ), paid off, and was invited to speak at PURE London, Olympia, alongside Safia Minney, which I did...

....this was a massive ego boost, so I decided to enter the Observer Ethical Awards, and bugger me, I only went and got shortlisted, I did...

.... so, now up to date, earlier this year I was lucky enough to be selected to showcase my debut Collection at Manchester fashion week, and have decided to open up my Studio, and that's pretty much where we're at!

Although I am over 40, I am a virgin blogger, any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks for taking a look

The oldest emerging Designer in the Land., for last 2 years or so I have been attempting to break into the bizarre world of Fashion, its been a queer old journey so far, this is my Story........ 

Chapter 1.  Nellie Button to Getclobbered to National TV debut.
I could tell you absolutely everything about my last 44 years, I do like to yap, but that wouldn't be very Fashiony or interesting to be honest, so, I'll condense it a bit. Born and brought up in Sheffield,blah,blah,blah, taught to sew by Nan (Nellie Button), started making own clothes,blah,blah,blah, did fine Arts degree at Loughborough College of Art&Design, blah,blah,blah, moved to Devon met my beloved husband, started running pubs with beloved Husband, had beloved child, continue to run Pubs and make own clothes, decide to reignite my creative side.  

In 2011, completely by accident, I can assure you, I came across a competition on ITVs This Morning, "Mumpreneur" you had to write in with a business idea, mine was simple, creating new Accessories from unwanted clothing and waste, something I'd done for many years,. To my astonishment, I got shortlisted and was lucky enough to be interviewed on TV, though it was more to do with the fact that in all my excitement, I hadn't read the information properly ( this tends to happen a lot!) and I arrived in London a day too early, its all publicity though. Anyway, didn't win but, certainly got me thinking. Hmmm??
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